Suma JKT in 1.4bn/- mineral water manufacturing plant

23Feb 2018
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
Suma JKT in 1.4bn/- mineral water manufacturing plant

IN supporting President John Magufuli’s industrialization drive, Suma JKT, the commercial arm of Tanzania People’s Defense Forces has invested 1.4bn/- in a mineral water packaging plant in Dar es Salaam.

Part of Suma JKT Bottling Plant factory at Mgulani in Dar es Salaam. Photo: courtesy of Suma JKT .

Suma JKT Bottling Plant Project Manager, Major Leah Mtuma told Property Watch that construction work of the plant started in February and was completed in December last year. “The 1.4bn/- investment includes 701.18m/- used to purchase a fully automated water bottling plant from India,” Major Mtuma said.

She pointed out that the plant with capacity of 8,400 per hour will produce bottles of water in half a litre and one litre bottles under the brand name of Uhuru Peak pure drinking water. The Project Manager said to start with, the plant will provide employment to 50 people around JKT Mgulani.

“We have already installed the automated bottling plant at the building ready to start manufacturing of Uhuru Peak pure drinking water next (March 2018),” Major Mtuma noted. She boasted that despite stiff competition in the market, Uhuru Peak pure drinking water will outdo competition because, as the name suggests, its is high quality mineral water made from the best natural source in the vicinity of Dar es Salaam.

Suma JKT Bottling Plant has added the number of subsidiary companies under Suma JKT which is a TPDF investment corporation established in 1982 through Public Corporation Act of 1974. Other subsidiary companies under Suma JKT include:  Suma Clearing and Forwarding which deals in freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and distribution; Suma JKT Construction which is involved in construction of buildings, Suma JKT Agri Machinery which distributes various equipment such as tractors, power tillers, combined harvesters and agro-processing equipment. The corporation also owns enough areas for quarrying development which offer investment scale and business viability.

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