Dar Corridor Group wins Best Terminal Africa Award

08Feb 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Dar Corridor Group wins Best Terminal Africa Award

QUALITY services of global standard are behind Dar es Salaam Corridor Group (DCG)’s winning of Best Terminal in Africa Award presented by Global Port Forum.

“I am very happy that DCG’s efforts in Dar es Salaam have been recognized in the global arena. DCG will use the honour of this recognition as a motivator for further enhancement of the maritime industry in Tanzania,”

Kok said the award has affirmed the notion that the country’s prime port which in many ways has been labelled as inefficient has is offering quality world class services.

“The award is a confirmation of a quality service on world level, DCG has improved vessel discharge times and ultimately made bringing fertilizer to Tanzania less expensive. This is good for the farmers and ultimately for the final consumers,” Kok said.

He further noted that stakeholders from the world maritime platform have recognized this significant improvement at the port of Dar es Salaam thanks to the port community’s determination and Tanzania Ports Authority leadership.

“DCG is in a unique position that it is TPA’s client and partner, we value the relationship with TPA because without them this could not have been done,” he noted.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister for Economics and Trade who is also former CEO of DP World, Mohammed Sharaf presented the award to Kok during a gala dinner in Dubai.

“DCG was awarded the best terminal Africa award due to its unique design the improvements it made for shipping fertilizers through Dar es Salaam port and DCG’s unique climate controlled warehousing,” the organizers Global Port Forum said in a statement.

“Minister Sharaf as former CEO of DP World clearly identifies high performers, Global Port Forum recognizes the fore runners in the industry who have created new benchmarks for operational efficiency across all facets of the global maritime industry,” the statement concluded.